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 Comissioning a bespoke piece of furniture is a straightforward process with Horne Fine Furniture.
Stage 1  After first contact is made we arrange a meeting to find out the needs of our client.
Stage 2   A design is produced and sent to the client for approval, at this point the client can make any changes or suggestions that they may like to include.
Stage 3  A deposit is taken (typically 50%) and then work will be booked in for manufacture in the workshop.
Stage 4  Once completed, the piece will be delivered and fitted by Horne Fine Furniture.

Clients are always welcome to visit the workshop to see their project in production.
gallery/office veneer
gallery/aylestone, alisons office base cabinets
gallery/aylestone front door (front view)
gallery/aylestone front door (top view)
gallery/aylestone front door mouldings